With Fort Benning at our back door we have completed over 1500 Department of Defense projects throughout the years. Helping our armed forces stay powered and ready using the smartest and most efficient electrical upgrades all
the while keeping projects on time and on budget. Our experience helps us minimize distractions or downtime so that work continues and military operations run on schedule and without interference. When it comes to safety we know EM-385 and take steps to ensure a safe worksite, and we aren’t afraid to use a broom! A clean and organized work site is a safe and productive one. We are compliant with Davis-Bacon requirements, payroll reports, and Electrician to apprentice ratios. Last but not least we enjoy full military base access and have developed strong relationships with other contractors and subcontractors working at Fort Benning, These long-standing relationships are a testimony of our successful performance on small to large military projects.