Fire Alarm

Commercial properties often require the services of a professional electrician to assist with new construction, repairs, renovations, and installation of more modern technology or equipment. Fire alarm installation is a very specialized service that must be performed by electrical services that are certified in this type of work. It takes professional electrical services for commercial fire alarm installation that can guarantee that the work is being done according to fire safety regulations. The primary goal of any good fire alarm system is to help reduce the financial losses associated with property damage and loss of life, as the result of a fire. safety standards.


If you rely on your generator to get the job done, you know exactly how important professional commercial generator repair service really is. When your business operation depends on your generator being ready to run 24/7 without any headache or hassle, you need to know with all the confidence in the world that it isn’t going to suffer any downtime.

Grounding and Bonding

Making sure that all of your electrical equipment and wiring is grounded properly is an important part of keeping your business secure and safe for your employees. At Ritch Electric, we have more than 50 years experience working with commercial applications.

Lightning Protection

A properly insalled lightning protection systems can provide an enhanced grounding network for lightning’s destructive electricity as it is directed safely into the ground, leaving the building, occupants and contents unharmed. Not all systems are the same; however, they all will utilize the same layered approach to protection and consist of four key components: Air Terminals, Conductors/Bonding, Grounding, and Transient/Surge Protection.